Unique Luxury Hotel of the Year 2018を受賞しました | Winner of Unique Luxury Hotel of the Year 2018
2018年 11月25日
この度、つるや旅館は「ラグジュアリー・トラベル・ガイド・アワード 2018」で「ユニーク・ラグジュアリー・ホテル・オブ・イヤー2018」を受賞しました。

昨年の「ラグジュアリー・トラベル・ガイド・アワード 2017」に続き、2年連続の受賞となりました。




We are happy to announce that Tsuruya Ryokan won UNIQUE LUXURY HOTEL of the Year 2018 of Luxury Travel Guide Award 2018. We had won LTG Award 2017, and this became the second award from this institution.

We are delighted to be considered as "unique". There are lots of new hotels being built before Tokyo Olympic 2020. Karuizawa is not exception. We have continued making effort to be a unique hotel to survive in such a competitive market. We believe that these efforts resulted in this award. We would like to give thanks to all of our guests.

We will continue to pursue our own uniqueness and provide our guest with memorable stay. Thank you very much for your support.

軽井沢 つるや旅館
TEL (0267)42-5555
FAX (0267)42-7555


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